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Top 5 Business Books recommends by ChatGPT


business books must read
business books must read

Yesterday I shocked, someone shared to me the 5 books that recommended by ChatGPT. The AI said, all of those 5 books:

- Good to Great

- The Innovator's Dilemma

- The Lean Startup

- The 7th Habit for Highly Effective People

- Outliers

What made me shock?

In that group, someone said, that she never read the 7th habit! how come? in the book club, how come anyone never read that book. What a surprised. Actually the 7th Habit is not only for businesses people, but for everyone, who want to upgrade their life. For me, I just read the 7th Habit book for 2nd time, it was very yesterday.

another one, on that list, The Toyota Way is not there! how come... When I read The Lean Startup, I notice all of the context is just like The Toyota Way with new version. Almost all context inside The Lean Startup you could find in The Toyota Way. How come now The Lean Startup is more famous then The Toyota Way? perhaps "startup"-things is happening right now..

the last one.. How come I never read The Innovator's Dilemma. From that list, only The Innovator's Dilemma that I never read. Should I read it right now? but only few days ago, my friend recommend me to read The Trusted Advisor.. Now I am thinking on it....

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