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Love Letter #2: for Samudra Dipa Negara


Dear abang Dipa. I love you so much. Thanks for your existence in this world and become my son, because of Allah.

I do remember the day you were born. On that day, your grandfather got sick, I have to stay in the hospital with him. On the afternoon, I clearly remember when I arrived at our rent (Jl Borromeus - Cimahi Utara), I found your mother seems exhausted after done cleaning the house.. So me, your mother, and you-in-the-womb went to my parent's house in Buah Batu Bandung. I dropped you and your mom there, then I gone to the hospital to do my shift take care of your grandfather...

Then the time has come, I got phone call that your mom keep discharging water from her genital. To be honest, I didn't feel any worry, I just calmed my self, this just commonly happen to any other pregnant woman. But, when I arrived to see your mom, it getting serious, You and your mom have to taken the hospital. Our family was there, your grandma (nenek Buahbatu), your aunty and families, also some far-family from Bangka, Uda Sutan and his daughter.

Our plan was clear that day, I have to bring your mother and you to Borromeus hospital, near mine and your mom's campus, ITB. That day, I cradle your mom to our 1st car Grand Max. I am still amaze when I remembering that day, how come I have power to cradle you and your mom from bed to our car, masya Allah..

to be continue....

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