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Tik-Tok seriously?

  I've been thinking about Tik-Tok in the meantime I don't know when I opened it. At least consumed item or about 15 minutes commands are really good to feed me the content that maybe I like or maybe a touch my curiosity and then I will stay to watch the short video. Or maybe because I do understand that Tik-Tok only provide really short video maybe for the most at 3 minutes and then when I hit it by something watch bait or something that touch my curiosity and then I thought okay it's only 3 minutes I will watch it and it and it came repeat and repeat again until I realized I consume 15 or 20 minutes of my time. now I realize that was a waste.

 but the thing is I have small business in Indonesia and then I run my business through online marketing through Tik-Tok ID on Facebook and and Marketplace I just Shop Utica area leather and Swan, when I do research in text talk which means I'm looking for videos trending that maybe we can follow the contacts or we can follow the visible Austin Lee I trapped in my interest on Tik-Tok videos. Really it's embarrassing me really it's wasting my time

 I do remember when I Instagram reels Varsity Lounge., I felt the same like I feel now on Tik-Tok on those days when I research on Instagram reels I do feel the same I got lost to see videos I get lost to see creators that maybe I like that Instagram fed me but hot right now Tik Tok seems Lee like has 90% of accuracy to fed me the good content in my trumps.

 so good job TiK ToK by by Instagram actually I hope Tik-Tok will not be monopolize this social media because in business come out producing videos is much expensive that producing photos also not everyone can producing videos the editing the voice over and anything like that it's very difficult to live love right now and my resource not really good at Freddy's singing videos as there now. So I have to adopt I have to just drop my business 2 Compete in Tik-Tok era.

 so does it this pause I generated using Google Docs voice to text I just talked to my microphone what I thought and I found some words that mistaken maybe you'll you will not understand what I'm saying or you don't do not understand what is blog this one but no problem this is this only for me to improve my English skills.

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