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Comparing MSX and MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business

 I'm just finished watching the comparison between MSX and MBA on Stanford that's really cool video I think the format the stock show between the house and the real ex students of mxx Stanford.

and now I'm trying to summarizing that video, what I got from that video and what the fake ways that I got from the video.

first of all my expectation is was the video comparison the MSX and NBA in detail ways but the reality is not. so both of the speakers top of anything about Stanford about MSX about MBA about businesses about anything

second one I heard from the speakers that the most important thing you go to graduate School of Business in Stanford either a message or NBA is the heart of the people it's not the course of the class is not of the material from the class is not your ran by joining the Stanford but the Carhartt off the people. even at lots of the video the speaker mention that 80% of the his peers got the job not from the Stanford itself I mean not officially from the current center of Stanford but it came from the people the entrepreneurs the startup founders that they met in a long way joining the GSP program. also the speakers talk about this cohort is about very different and very inclusive community on the jazzy program, for example some of his pills are work in 10 years plus in US including himself also he knew the people that starting their businesses, not to mention that the attendance of students is came from all over the world.

the third takeaways that I got from this video is either you'll take MSX or NBA it should be very similar experience because the speakers said, the course was similar the people of students are mutual for example in one class 30% of NBA students the percents of MSS students and other students. so in terms of the glasses I can imagine that Stanford offering open class for all the students not only for GSP also from the engineering school or science school it's open students that are modern University is. so the difference between MSX and NBA what I got from the speakers is Dad the MSX is just one Euro program and an NBA 2 years full of program so MSX students should learn and take the programs more compact than NBA students

and the last takeaway is that I got from that video it's not about the contacts, but about myself instead. that video is long enough it's about 90 minutes I think but what I am what I understand from the speakers both of speakers let's say only 30% off language that I do that I can understand what they are saying. so I'm still a long way from not even English, so I have much to do I have so many homework to do to prepare myself to got study abroad to Stanford. I have to resistance I have to keep the spirit I have the schedule my learning and the most of all I have to work harder in order to get to Stanford GSB.

so that's it this was I recorded on 3rd of January 2023 I recorded on my car my voice to text, and then after I got my laptop I will post it on my blog with no anything at all. but I will do some beautifying of this cost using check DVD so I can compare my own pronunciation and then what the are the robot say about my English. so the text down below is I generated from chat DVD from opening. I'm sure I appreciate if you are reading my this garbage boss thank you bye-bye.


I just finished watching a comparison between MSX and MBA at Stanford. It was a really cool video and I think the format was good, with the stock show between the house and the real ex-students of MSX at Stanford.

Now, I'm trying to summarize what I got from that video and what I learned.

First of all, my expectation was that the video would compare MSX and MBA in detail, but that wasn't the case. Both speakers talked about Stanford, MSX, MBA, businesses, and other things, but not in much detail.

Second, I heard from the speakers that the most important thing about going to the graduate School of Business at Stanford, whether for MSX or MBA, is the network of people. It's not the course material or the classes themselves, or even the prestige of Stanford, but the network of people. In fact, the speaker mentioned that 80% of his peers got their job not from Stanford itself, but from the entrepreneurs and start-up founders they met during the GSP program. The speakers also talked about the cohort being a very diverse and inclusive community within the GSP program. For example, some of his peers had been working in the US for 10+ years, including himself, while others were starting their own businesses. In addition, the student attendance came from all over the world.

The third takeaway I got from the video is that, whether you choose MSX or MBA, the experience will be similar. The speakers said that the courses were similar and the student body was mutual, with about 30% of MBA students and the same percentage of MSX students in each class. So, in terms of the classes, I can imagine that Stanford offers open classes to all students, not just those in the GSP or from the engineering or science schools. The difference between MSX and MBA, from what the speakers said, is that MSX is a one-year program and MBA is a two-year program, so MSX students will have a more compact program than MBA students.

The last takeaway I got from the video is that it's not about the contacts, but about myself. The video was long, about 90 minutes, and I only understood about 30% of what the speakers were saying. This shows that I still have a long way to go, not just in terms of my English, but in preparing myself to study abroad at Stanford. I need to have discipline, keep a positive attitude, schedule my learning, and most of all, work harder in order to get into Stanford GSB.

That's it. I recorded this on January 3, 2023, in my car using voice-to-text. After I got to my laptop, I plan to post it on my blog with no modifications at all. However, I will use a grammar checker to beautify the text and compare my own pronunciation to what the tool suggests for my English. Thank you for reading my summary. Bye-bye.

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