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Another Tik Tok trap

 the last night I've been crash by picked up a game I'm watching Tik Tok from 12:30 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. it's late already my phone's already slapped my wife also and my job was gone already call Ma but I do prefer watch my Tik-Tok then go to bed.

Right now I  feel guilty about last night maybe it's not last 5 but few hours ago because I go to my bed and at 2 a.m. so late. for sure at the first time I will open my Tik-Tok the plan is only 15 minutes or 20 minutes but this amazing apps keep give me another interesting contents about my interest Marriott when I promise is 1 the last company I watch tonight, and then the apps give fitting me the content more interesting let's say about Ronaldo about messy about sexy girls and so on.

Just in case you never known before, that in Tik-Tok last 24 hours people doing live streaming such a real streaming live asking for money by doing brakes are doing there are doing some unbelievable at it's flourishing Auburn 0 am. and I don't understand no is it people like me extended tiktok watching it's a lot of people or just our people just get bored at the midnight and then open the tiktok app and then keep watching it until the morning or maybe people who are watching from I do size of The Words which the time is different leave 12 hours I don't really know come on the thing as the big top is crazy.

 Espanola I promise to myself I will not get trapped again in tiktok it really not right okay for me it's really wasting my time. I repeat, by this past I promise to myself I will not wasting my time again on  Tik-Tok, or perhaps maybe 50 minutes today it's fine.

 good job. Good job China. Good job creators. 


correction from ChatGPT:

"Last night I crashed by picking up a game and watching TikTok from 12:30 am until 1:30 am. It was already late and my phone was already dead. My wife was already asleep and I had already missed my job. I called my mom but I preferred to watch my TikTok instead of going to bed.

Right now I feel guilty about last night, although it was a few hours ago because I went to bed at 2 am. At first, I planned to only watch TikTok for 15 or 20 minutes, but the app kept showing me interesting content about my interests, like Marriott. I promised myself that Marriott would be the last company I watched for the night, but then the app showed me more interesting content about Ronaldo, Messi, sexy girls, and so on.

In case you didn't know, on TikTok, there are live streams happening 24 hours a day, with people asking for money by doing breaks or doing unbelievable things. It's flourishing at around 0 am and I don't know if it's just people like me who are watching or if it's a lot of people getting bored at midnight and opening the TikTok app to watch until the morning. Or maybe it's people who are watching from different time zones, like a 12-hour difference. I don't really know, but the whole thing is crazy.

I promise to myself that I will not get trapped again in TikTok. It's not right for me and it's a waste of time. I repeat, I promise to myself that I will not waste my time on TikTok again, or maybe just 50 minutes today is fine.

Good job, China. Good job, creators." 

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