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Speaking Practice #30

 Title deer blog

 time first of January 2023

 verbose to improve my English speaking skill

 dear blog, on this post I'm trying to talk anything to do voice to text on Google Docs and then post it on my blog have you heard if you are reading this one coma you one of pan that read my blog. Because when I every posting on this blog averagely the viewers it's about only 10% come on not to mention that me my cell viewing my own past the rated again

 I want to talk freely like this and then recorded into the voice to text is not really easy call Mama it's proved that my English kill its have much room to improve come on even if I'm not bigger doors but I'm not intermediate or expert yet. it become much harder when you talk in front of the make I mean the microphone and then you see by yourself how this voice to text right mistake Lee are not what I want to read right. as you can see if you are still reading this blog pass you will feel confused because the result from this voice to text not really cold cut my not because the voice-to-text technology is not good enough but of course it because of my English pronunciation that still need to improve

 no problem. I will not give up for this I intend to improve my English kills in the next 6 months or maybe earlier. Because I planned to go to the to the bus garage on the US 6 months ago but now I never speak to 24 cast has been all that to 4 past is the Milestone if I want to go study of drought. so my dog it is add the June or July 2023 when the US on the summer I think I want to apply for Stanford or Michigan. to be honest I'm not really sure I want to apply for MBA or Ms see rmsx are maybe a new master of Finance I'm not really sure yet. But still the most important is how do I improve my English kill before I apply to the college.

 now I will put the transcript above and then I will tell the chat gpp to reconstruct to be better grammar of English. Thank you 

Title: Improving My English Speaking Skills

It's the first of January 2023, and I'm writing this blog post to share my thoughts on using voice to text on Google Docs. If you're reading this, you might be one of the few people who visit my blog. Usually, only about 10% of viewers actually come to read my posts, and that includes me rereading my own posts.

I want to be able to freely speak and have my words transcribed into text, but it's not easy. It's evident that I still have a lot of room to improve my English skills. It becomes even more difficult when I have to speak into a microphone and then see how the voice to text has translated my words. As you can see, if you're still reading this post, you might feel confused because the transcription isn't perfect. This isn't due to a flaw in the voice to text technology, but rather my own English pronunciation that needs work.

But I'm not giving up! My goal is to improve my English skills within the next 6 months, or possibly even sooner. I had originally planned to go to the US for studies 6 months ago, but that has now been pushed back to the summer of 2023. My plan is to apply to either Stanford or Michigan in June or July. To be honest, I'm not sure if I want to pursue an MBA, MS, or Master of Finance. But the most important thing for me right now is to improve my English before I apply to college.

So, I've included the transcription of my speech above and will now use a grammar checker to improve the grammar and structure of my writing. Thank you for reading!

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