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Babakan Siliwangi City Forest - Bandung - Indonesia

Okay now I'm trying to write my back pass using voice to text on Google Docs

later I will cleansing it manually because I know my pronunciation of words is not really good and then I will ride it one more time to make sure you can read this in the muscle table of content that I want to Escalade to you

ok this blog post I want to give you a story off bobbikins leave on E coma This morning me my wife and my songs go to Hoboken City want me to do walking for rest what is it actually it is the the bridge in Florida above the City forest near Argo ATV ipb Bandung, it's located same gate as football card.

at the first time without that this city 4S is small one so we go to the bridge happily until wheel renatus that this bridge is long enough for us. mystery patchouli in order to make my wife a little bit exercise in her pregnancy this is the 37 weeks of pregnancy I think and of course to make happy of two of my sons who has who have blood of excited to do in a new places.

later at home we googling it and then we found that those Bridge length for 2 km 2 km is about 1.5 miles if you are on in us or imperial units page. Can you imagine that for my wife who has a baby in her Tom's he walked four 2 km for about 30 minutes I think and after they had we go for lunch I couldn't refuse what she requested. So I just follow his so I just follow her desirable lunch menu lunch restaurant

for me myself I think I'm not really to get tired of this yes my legs has a pain a little bit but I know this one will be disappear tomorrow maybe and the most important things is my family was happy.

so if you are a tourist who visited Bandung Indonesia oh, I do recommend you to come to that Bubba Kansas City 1 youFor rest that maybe you never seen before. this Forest is so humid so dark little bit dark I think and no enemy animal because it is the city of rest.

Wow I do screaming my voice to text result and I canceled my plan to correct toes scraped manually because too many mistakes and I've been made so I will just pass it to my blog and and later maybe in the one or two of 2 years I will revisit this blog in order to memorize my  attempt to improve my English Skill. okay that's it I know it's nobody will read this post but no problem I will keep posting garbage like this. thank you bye bye


here the correction from ChatGPT

Today, I went for a walk with my wife and two sons in Hoboken City, which is located near Bandung, Indonesia. We were excited to explore a new place, and we ended up walking on a bridge that stretches for 2 km, which is about 1.5 miles. My wife is 37 weeks pregnant, and I wanted her to get some exercise, so we ended up walking for about 30 minutes. We were all tired after the walk, but my wife was particularly tired, given her pregnancy. However, we all had a great time, and my family was happy.

After our walk, we had lunch at a restaurant that my wife chose. The restaurant was located in the city, which is known for its restful forests and the absence of any dangerous animals. If you are a tourist visiting Bandung, Indonesia, I recommend visiting Hoboken City and walking on the bridge. The forest is humid and a little bit dark, but it is a beautiful place to rest.

I originally intended to write this blog post using voice-to-text on Google Docs, but I had to clean up the text manually because my pronunciation is not always accurate. I also wanted to make sure that the text was readable and easy to understand. I had planned to correct any mistakes manually, but there were too many errors, so I decided to publish the post as it is. I know that no one will probably read this post, but I will keep posting things like this in the future to practice my English skills. Thank you for reading, and goodbye.

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