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Speaking Practice #29

Another attempt using voice to text while reading a book. Now I am reading (re-read) The 7th Habit for Highly Effective People. for this one, I am tried use VTT of Google Docs, at previious posts, I am using Google Keep.

I found Google Docs has better "sensors" that every single word that I spoke written by it. But the accuracy was worst than Google Keep. I found more mistaken write using Google Docs. Not sure if my pronouncation skill was downgraded or the engine behind Google Keep is better than Google Docs.

Here the script, because it is too many mistaken words, I don't recap it. ha ha


One of the fundamental problems in organizations, including families, is that proper people are not committed to the Dimmitt the termination of other people for their lives. They simply don't buy into them.

 many times as I work with organization oh, I find people whose goals are totally different from the goals of the Enterprise. I commonly fine reward systems completely out of lineman with David maybe you should stop.

 when I begin work with companies that have already loved it some kind of mission statement, I ask them, how many of the people here know that you have a mission statement? how many of you know what is contains? How many were involved in creating a it? How many really buy into it and use it as your frame of reference in making position?

 without involvement for mother is no commitment. Mark it down,* 8, Circle East, underline it. No involvement, no commitment

 now, in the early stages when a person is new to an organization or when a child in the family is Young you can pretty well give them a bold that they'll buy it from a particularly if the relationship, orientation, and training are good.

 but when people become more mature and their own life they can separate meaning for Monday 1 involvement, a significant involvement. And if they don't have that involve man, they don't buy it. Then you have a significant motivational problem which cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created it go yet.

 that's why creating an organizational mission statement takes time, patience, involvement, skill, and empathy. Again, it's not a quick fix. It takes time and sincerity, correct principles, and the courage and integrity to align systems, structures, and management styles with a shared vision and values. But it's based on correct principles and it works.

 an organizational mission statement one that truly reflect vision and values of everyone within that organization create a great unity and reminisce, Maryland it's great look in people's hearts and minds are a frame of reference cut my a set of criteria or guidelines, by which they will govern themselves. They don't need someone else that right thing for my controlling, criticizing, or talkin cheap shots. They have bought into the changeless color of what the organization is about. 

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