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Bye UPS Battery

What I mean is not UPS the delivery service, I am not saying good bye to them, because I never used them anyway.

UPS Battery died
UPS Battery died

But here today, my UPS Batter keep beeping really annoying. Finally, it's time. Here time has come, serving me for almost 3 years.. now I can let you go... Dramatic, isn't it?

The thing is, should I buy a new one to replace?


I think back to the first time why I am decided to UPS Battery. There are two main reason:

1. UPS Battery can prevent data loss while working if blackout happen.
2. UPS Battery give buffer time to shutdown properly when black out happen..

but now is deferent with 3~4 years ago..

- now the blackout in my house so rarely happen.. at those days, maybe once in a month.. but now, I think we never lost our electrical for a year..
- now 99% of my working flow is done my cloud software. I rarely do work that doesn't autosave to the cloud. I don't have to worry if my computer suddenly shut down.

So.. I can conclude, for personal use, UPS Battery is not neccessary.

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