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Charlie and the sandpaper

 this one is another attempt of me to create voice to text from trusted advisor book, in order to improve my punctualization in English. okay let's get it on

Charlie and the sandpaper

soon after Charlie had been promoted to a managerial position in a consulting firm, he got a promising cell sleep with a manufacturer of aggressives. his firm, like all consulting forms, value those who could bring in new business, and he was eager to make he's mark. he's at up an appointment with the prospective client and invited a senior partner to join him on the call.

he and partner were shown into the client's office, where they should hands, accepted coffee, sleep business card across the conference table, all the while chatting and probing for points of connection and neutral interests: friends in common, shared experience or backgrounds, similar attitudes toward life or business.

Wednesday at last turn to the business at hand, the client focus on his full attention on charlie, and ask "now, what experience does your firm have in DreamWork getting studies for industrial consumables?"

in an instant, Charlie's mind seem to have been soft dry, he had no idea what was meant by industrial consumables. then, a refilitory thought into his mind, the man is talking about sandpaper! but that knowledge only said to deepen Charlie's fear. he was sure that his room had not done any such studies.

Charlie thought sure that if you could call the client the truth, he could not win the business and would probably spend the rest of his career at his worm in like irons and public shame. in the next milliseconds, his training as a consultant kick in, and he began formulating an answer in his mind.

not exactly, he plan to say come on back we have done maybe my buddies do this, some of them for products quite similar to industrial consumables.

exactly what products might be quite similar to industrial consumable, he will figure out later. but just as strongly Drew breed to speak, it's in your partner lean forward. he looked early at the clan and said, know that I can think of.

he falls for a long moment, then he looked the client in the eye and continued. give him that, is there anything else that you think it would be helpful to discuss?

the client look and concerned and then ask what similar experience the phone had that might be relevant. they were then able to proceed with much of the original plan.

had Charlie given his answer for me he would have sacrificed his credibility and revealed his own focus on self-interest. he would have signed to the client that he was willing to forge his credential. who would trust such a person?

the answer to send your father gave contained quite a different subtext it's eight... I will answer your questions, directly and truthfully, even if it means losing a change to your business.

in that moment, Charlie learn to important things about building trust. first, it has to do with keeping ones of interest in check, and they can trust can be worn or lost very rapidly.

Charlie's form one the business but he was not placed in black islands. and he learned a lot about same people

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