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Quitting Eat Spicy Food

 Actually several years ago I do had like it spicy food I ate spicy chips really spicy noodles for example and so on, but I don't know these days when I eat spicy food my stomach always rejected or at least when I do some poop I feel some pain.

 actually the pain is not really massive only small things that I felt but this kind of thing is really  disturbing my productivity, for example this morning I had a meeting on 9:30 and then I got my stomach ache I had to go to the bathroom and it took 10 minutes to proceed so I came late to the meeting this is really stupid.

So by now I'm promised to myself that I will not eat spicy food anymore in order to boost up my productivity. and also I thought right now what the proposal of spicy food is it good to your healthy? or just to make fun of your  Tongue only.

 I feel embarrassed of me when I look up to the past that I really like to eat spicy food while watching movies or do some my work,  moreover I've seen people that really eats really really spicy food and they seems they okay with that and not disturbing their productivity. how come is that? or maybe I just don't know how they struggled with the pain that caused by spicy food

 in case you never known in Indonesia,  you can find spicy food everywhere from small store to the fancy restaurant always offering spicy food. mostly The Taste is really good to be honest but once again on this context I complained about me after days and the after effects of eating spicy food.

 so I suggest to you that eating spicy food is reduce your productivity done it's spicy food 

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