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Starbucks Setiabudhi Bandung Misses a Thing

Starbucks at Setiabudhi Bandung
Starbucks at Setiabudhi Bandung

This is my first time spending time in Starbucks Setiabudhi Bandung. The location near UPI Campus, before Lembang. If you are visiting Bandung, you must know Lembang, and near Lembang you will find this Starbucks.

I think, this Starbucks or maybe on other location has a miss one thing.. They don't follow local wisdom, they push their (maybe) global policy on the Cafe environement.

Here I am sitting on this Cafe, I am hearing Christmas and New Year song! Since I came until I write this post, still Christmas's song is playing.

This is Indonesia, 90% of Indonesians are Moslem! And when I look around me, all the women using veil, except 1! means most of us staying today are Moslem!

How come the level of Starbucks not considering local wisdom? How come they sill playing Christmas song all day long? What the purpose?

Is Starbucks a Christion missionaries? could be..

This is my last time staying here, no more in the future.

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