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Speaking Practice #24

Today's attempt of voice to text seems so bad. I don't know, maybe because of my internet connection or else.

I just ready 5 simple paragraphs, then I found 6 mis-spoken words. Actually the words are easy, but right now I false on that words. here the words..

words --> in returns of voice to text

we'd --> with

I'd --> I'll

Board --> bored

them --> come

balloted --> beloved

status --> stuff

GANBATE! bismillah.. still long road to be native.

here is the script from a book titled: Weology

how to be strong is to know what makes you weak

at the end of my first year as CEO I wanted to put myself on the line, and I was willing to let the employees dictate the company's Way Forward. this test would measure the mutual trust with built up to them and if I failed my own test I'll leave.

I sent my stuff an email message that was really shocking to believe. it went something like this: one year ago a board of directors chose me as your ceo, but you never got to vote for or against me. leaders are chosen by people, not bored. today, you will vote on my future

the results, I pointed out, would be binding and I would abide by come. if at least half the people wanted me to leave, I would go. if they chose to keep me they would have to buy in and follow me. people had to chose one option in an anonymous beloved Peter should stay or Peter should resign. unlike some Reverend rooms, I was pleased with the clarity of my Christian and the possible answer but I digress.

when the result were counted, over 97% of my colleagues won't need to stay. 17 if it was once need to resign. employees was also invited to share any comments or feedback they've had for me. the best majority of the responses were positive. some people were offended that I had asked the question. a couple even say that I must be totally not to put my faith in the hands of employees. but if I'm totally not, I shouldn't have this job in the first place. there were all kinds of reaction

I've never felt more empowered to do my job

yes Peter should stay. I don't feel it's appropriate for a leader to ask for a symptom acceptance for their team

your brother against to the executive team, you'd make a good politician

I like the direction the company is headed in

the question is not the weather your team has confidence in you, it is whether you have confidence in the team

you had me at hello

some of the naysayers were the types who believed that if you are the president and you don't have a big office, there's something the matter with you. I don't even have me my own parking spot, I just drive around, find a spot and walk from there, like everyone else. it freaks them out for my president of corporation who doesn't slide into the expected stuff

it is a tricky balance sometimes you have to leave but you want to be more personal as a leader but not so personal that you don't get anything done. some employees May perceive your vulnerability as weakness. so be it

I will absolutely repeat this exercise again someday. because in many ways vulnerabilities can make you infinity ball 

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