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Speaking Practice #25

Now I'm trying to answer TOEFL questions by using voice to text feature from my phone. Some words misspelling an make a shift of the context. will try it again tomorrow!

here the script:

question: describe the most impressive moment in your life


I don't remember until now some part of my life that really moment 12 for me that was maybe around 15 years ago when I get my letter that I acceptance from the best University undergraduate in Bandung Indonesia.

that song for me because my family of my big family no one's get there before and then need the first time in my family to get through that big the top number one University

I will remember how I get there how my effort to learn everyday how to practicing to questions every day and exercising all of the questions from to try out exercise.

that was the best part of my life that I make proud of all my families or my friends and of course my school and of course for me myself I really proud of it.

I'm still remember how I woke up on the morning I opened it my exercise book and then doing it until 3:00 to 4 hours after that I do some lunch and then wait it again and you have alone and I don't remember I still can get my hang out time with my friends on the evening until the meeting but no they all of my friends I'll I think they not accept on Good University

so I'm the outliers of liars in my family of players in my friends so that was the best part of my life so far

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