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Speaking Practice #26

yeahhhh.. another attempt of voice to text English speaking practice. Honestly, day by day I become bored to doing this. But I don't have any better option to do it.. by doing this, I improve my English, even very small progress, then I can post it as a blog post, to maintain my 1 post/day of my blog..

Here some words that I mistaken to pronounce

the words --> in return

autonomy --> algonomy

counts --> comes

Watching the films --> wahingtonville

lone --> ones

these --> this

would --> hold

end --> and

here the script:
algonomy is profitable

diversity of thinking is key to Great decision making. get various experiences and viewpoints in the room when it comes

washingtonville ones survivor in early 2014, I wondered if I could ever make it in the army. I'm not sure I've got what it takes

lone survivor is the story of American soldier in Afghanistan. the premise is simple soldier and things for a bad guy are faced with a dilemma win Farmers wondering to the middle of their camp. will they engage with this farmer to protect their mission?

or will they sacrifice the mission to respect the rules of engagement and release the farmers who will no doubt tell the bad guy? the soldiers don't agree and the leader has to make a call

the decision is to follow the letter of the law, and the result is a story that doesn't and well for the soldiers. and I wondered, hold the army regret the soldiers decision to opt for the status quo instead of the alternative? move that agree with their own view of the greater good? it's a tough question and I don't have the answer. I'm glad I don't have to face the kinds of decisions that troops everywhere have face for millennia. I only hope I can learn from their example

when I tell someone precisely what I want and how to do it, I get precisely the result anticipated. when I tell someone the broad stroke vision of what I'm trying to achieve, and I don't tell them how to do it, I find that the output is way better than I envisioned in the first place. great people

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