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Speaking Practice #27

 dear blog

today I was playing football it's been a while maybe around 6 months since the last time I playing football, not so exhausted but I'm feeling really powerful today even if I playing not really well

I do love football since I was kid, my all the time hero from football is Marcus Cafu, he played as right back from Brazil, and the last time I remember he played was AC Milan.

but last night I watched world cup football that Brazil got defeated from Croatia. a really nice play from Croatia even if they win from penalty kick. but I don't really care about that because Brazil is not my favorite team as for now, now my hero is Cristiano Ronaldo play for Portugal and Manchester United. so far Portugal getting into quarter final of world cup and tonight they will be played against Morocco.

also this morning I played as a right back or a wing back, not because I'm good at it but because that the right back or left back position in Sunday League is the easiest role to play. in Sunday League football is not much as football as we seen on the TV we don't play like a professional we are I'm at here so the flank not so really active as we watch on the TV. so my friend put it me on the wingback, because he knew that I'm big enough to run and careless enough to play as a key role.

for me doesn't matter that I play well or not but I need exercise for my body to get and maintain my health body.

so that it's this blog post, I wrote it on Google keep, using voice to text feature. in order to maintain my one blog post per day and to improve my English speaking.

whoever you are reading this blog post, I really really appreciate that. thank you

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