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Speaking Practice #23

Another attempt to improve my English speaking.

Because now I read business book, my daily life vocabulary, it seems the result quite accurate.

I found difficulties only when pronouncing names, but I think that's now my problem, but the voice to text problem.

So here the script:

imperfect is perfect enough

how far along does an idea have to be for me to give it the green light? the truth is that a lot of it is just got feeling. this might surprise some, but you have to respect that the machine you create has a built-in place for feelings, or instincts as some might say.

the role I've read in many books is that when you feel 80% entertain go. but I like challenges, so if most people will say lunch at 80% done I'll usually ask for 90%. I always write that extra 10% because I'm confident our model, our employees and our active customers, always willing to contribute to make our products better we'll come closer to a perfect product, in a shorter time, then any of our competitors.

anyone can agree that there's a fine balance between perfectionism and getting it done. I've met people who are perfectionist, and they rarely get anything done. perfectionism is a detrimental condition, with obsessiveness over small details and stubbornness. people get afraid, become frustrated, abandoned projects. they're trying to create a 100% race Free environment, which is not realistic, especially in financial resources especially for a challenger like tangerine.

if you are to be player in the market, the tenancy is to defend yourself. be safe don't cause problem, don't take risk after all the status quo was created by you and works for you. why Rock the boat? but if you are the brother handing the big guys down, you need to move, take a rest, and never get tangled up shooting for perfection.

r Kelly Coleman could often be a bit of British perfectionist which is both good and bad. when we first started out with an idea of a different way to do your banking, Arcadia had a vision an ideal to present something different. but vision are like State use overtime people cheap away at the eroding the ideal you started off with. in the early days of the Bank of America you can not hire bankers because the regulator won't take you seriously you can't call yourself this or that because nobody else does it that way and on and on it become tiresome.


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