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Speaking Practice #22

Another attempts of voice to text to improve my English speaking..
but now, I finished my  Leonardo da Vinci books, now continue for book with the title Weology by Peter Aceto.

I found mistakes to pronounce, those are:

end --> it return and
salespeople --> vessel

here the original script from my voice to text.

Be Realistically Idealistic

the art of life is a constant you just want to our surroundings

friends of car is safe to have you tour this wonderful line "in the battle between you and the world, back the world"

like all great sayings that inspire me, I've applied the thinking to tangerine. it's true, by aiming to become so different from all other Banks and financial institution out there but we are unique. but at what cost? if we decided to apply a series of drastic change to banking overnight, we called indeed be different, but we call easily win up isolated

it's the difference between the leading edge and the bleeding edge: careful balance is needed, because if you get too far ahead you'll get aroused in the back. worse, you'll be out of touch and impractical, irrelevant

I wake up at least once a week with an idea, and admittedly many of them are a bit out there. I drive everyone crazy if I March in every time a new idea came to me and shouted, we going to get on this now. we need to choose with distraction. same with helping Canadians change their financial habits. we can move people along, but only so fast. you have to apply certain degree of pragmatism to any viable dream.

change maybe constant, but you need me here at speed. while many initiatives are idealistic and aim to change the word, they must be executed with the consumer top of mind that's all that matters. in other words, when fighting the kids all habits, while our Amy altruistic, or process has to be realistic. you can't throw your customer into the deep and and expect them to swim. here's a concrete example.

in the US we launch a product that called electric Orange, in banking language it was a checking account, but it look quite different. it was fabulous a checking account with no checks we wanted to create a totally new category or at least not be defined by the way people categorize products, so we did not call it a checking account. it was groundbreaking, a revolution in our industry. a great idea, connected to a great vision.

although we were very proud of electric orange, we did not see the result we had helped for. consumers told us they didn't know what an electric orange was or why they would want to or need it. even once they understood, they insisted they they still sometimes need physical checks. also some customer did choose to purchase the product, it did not have the game changing Mass appeal that it could be delivered. visionary yes beautiful yes game changing no.

when we launch a similar product in Canada drive checking which ideally would also be 100% paperless we included paper checks and still do. we also use the word checking in the name. as of 2014, it is the checking account with the best ratio of paper to electronic transaction in canada. we received a prestigious award for it as well. our customers love that they can be very close to their money at all times. they do most of their paying money with their mobile phones, debit cards, free email money transfers and yes check here and there. our goal was to create the checking account with the highest ratio of electronics payment to paper payment in the industry. we need the paper checks to get customer to try to ask, and we engineer the products of paper was not the best way to use the account. giving customer the option of paper of electronic leads to their selling others, which leads to interesting sales, which is the point. and in fact our customers are among our vessels for this product.

I guess sticking to your guns, and having a vision of and keeping it pure but in business you need to keep your dream alive, to realize it may take a step or to bring people along. every vision needs pragmatism and real world working approach to achieve it. sooner or later there will be 100% paperless checking in canada, and we will make it happen.

ideally we would have love for everyone to go paperless from the get-go, but the reality is that kind of change has to simmer a little longer. do as myself if I sold out? could I have been holder, more visionary maybe time will tell that I'm always at least a little wrong but you've got to stick with it. make adjustment tricks and change along the way. as long as idealism has a dose of pragmatism, good will come from it

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