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Not to mention

I have been wondering, what the real mean of "not to mention" on daily use in English, specially for American. I have read this kind of terms several time this month, from a book and articles on the Internet, I guess.

Afterall, this morning while driving, I was watching Shark Tank, and the pitching guy mention about "not to mention", eventually I get it what it means...

If we breakdown the words, the meaning of "not to mention" is simple, people not unwilling to call specific particular things or context or other people. But in the real case, is not wat it used.

So what is the real meaning of "not to mention"?

Honestly I haven't Googling it, I just write out of my head of this thought. And then not to mention that I am not fully can explain this words. So what I can do is, give examples for this words usability.

example of using phrase "not to mention"..

  • I love my wife unconditional, not to mention that she is very wonderful woman
  • This brand new car can give your family next level of comfortability, not to mention it consume less fuel than any other cars out there
  • Smoking is not good for your health, not to mention that you looks fool if you do

Perhaps, I can say that "not to mention" is closely mean to "moreover" or "furthermore"

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