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Different Languages in Website?

Is it good for SEO that a website contain different languages of articles?
Should I create sub domain to create article in different language?

This blog, firstly I wrote in Bahasa. Only these few months, I started to write in English. The purpose was simple, I am in mission to improving my English skill. But now I've been thinking, is my blog SEO becoming bad?

Fore sure, I don't know the answer. But here some my falsification..

Initiating sub-domain is easy

If you never starting a sub-domain, trust me, it easy task to do. Whatever CMS you are using, what ever hosting provider you got. It is really easy.. so why not creating new subdomain?

sub-domain is different website

your main domain and your sub-domain was completely different website. Different website means different HTML code (you can make it similar), different audience, different code of Google Search Console, different code for Google Analytics.
So if you afraid of changing language will drown your SEO score based on your audience, so why not you create new website? in this case is sub-domain

Decreasing organic traffic is HUGE RISK

We all know that there is a risk if we posting different language in a website, then the risk is really huge. In my life, I have some mistaken regarding SEO, some wrong action, then it made my traffic decreased. When I realize it was a mistake, and revert the action, the traffic never be the same. So huge risk!


I suggest to you to create sub-domain if you are trying to posting in new language of your websites.

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