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Shift The Orientation

It has been 6 years I full-time doing my own business, my beginner's luck happened 4 years ago. The revenue was exceptional, for me. Furthermore, after analyzing all the data, it seems impossible that I can repeat that golden time.

More realistic for me now, is increasing our profitability. No problem the revenue is low, but high profit is a must. No other option!

Now I understand, why 10 years can be consider as sustain in businesses. Revenue decreasing is inevitable, whatever you do, whatever your businesses is, impossible you make highest high every month! That's the nature of businesses, impossible to avoid.

So in order to entering in sustain phase, profit is a must!

Revenue is important, really important, for up to 4 years business. I think.. Getting revenue means that you already product market fit. But it doesn't mean you already price market fit.

Healthy price must contain good profit that can be retain every month, the equity must compounded in positive numbers. The fact, since the highest revenue of my business, our equity keep eroded down.

It is time to improve our profit! It is time to be healthy in finance. so now I shifted my vision from revenue into profit!

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