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Microphone from Headset or Built In?

nowadays, a laptop or computer must have a microphone, simply because we do online meeting everyday.. or maybe every hour. ha ha

For the last 2 years, thousands online meeting attended, I conclude that the best microphone is the built in from the laptop.

I've seen people connect a headset to their laptop, than talk while holding the microphone close to their mouth. The sound quality, mostly is not really good. When others give a complain about the sound, the person only aware that his/her microphone needed to be more closed to their mouth. Actually not like that.

I am using Dell XPS 13, produced in 2018 (I guess). It is not from pandemic era laptop, so the microphone design is not objected mainly to the online meeting experience. But I found, my built in microphone return the best option sound than any cable microphone that I tried.

If you are professional microphone, it is another case, of course this one much better. This context is about cable microphone, you can imagine iPhone headset / earphone.

So from now, I suggest to everyone, instead of using cable headset, better u use you built-in laptop mic.

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