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What a Cat!

Few minutes ago, me and my wife get busy to clean out the house, clean our sons, and clean his bike. All of this because of one reason, cat's poops were everywhere!

We don't have any cats, we don't have plan to. But in front of our house, there are 4~5 cats live on the streets. They don't have any master, but our neighbors, do love to those cats. They always fed them everyday!

I think these cats, can categorized as pest. You see, those poops, made my morning different than usual. Usually I took power nap, because of this case, I have to clean out in the early morning.

This case was not the first time. Previously, we faced different cases regarding those cats as pest to us. Such as, when I go outside, than wear on my slippers, I felt something wrong, I felt wet, but outside was not rainy. So the suspects was cat's pee.. It cost me about 5 minutes to clean up.

The most often case was, those cats sneaking to our house, find some food, then stole it. Such as fried chicken on the table, or just fish on the table. They smart enough to sneaking when my family not around the dining table. Sometimes those cats get inside of our house, then they digging out our garbage for food. If the cat can do it cleanly, no problem for me, but always they make the garbage scatter on the floor. Again, it cost us times to clean out.

what a pest!

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