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Bajuyuli baju muslim anak perempuan


Nowadays I am facing revenue decline on my businesses. It was serious decline.. I has been 3 months in a row, roughly decline in 20% each month! so steep!

On these hard times, really make me under pressure. Not only me, but also my team, my wife, and my family. It is real life, no body says it was easy.

But... I do believe, if I can pass-trough this situation, we will rebound stronger! better! more robust than ever!

On these days, I've done many cut cost. Our businesses become more efficient than ever. If the revenue in increasing growth with the same efficiency, can you imagine how profit we are? That's why, I believe we will stronger than ever.

The thing is, how long I can bear this situation? how long I can endure? that is also real question, not easy to answer. How long my runway? My calculation, our runway is about a month!

Ya Allah, please help us.

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