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Speaking Practice #19

another attempt of voice to text in order to improve my English speaking skill.

Found words that false to pronounce:

semicolon --> not return the symbol, but the text

9th -- names --> How come I wrong to pronounce this

heir --- hair


part of the book of Leonardo Da Vinci Biography

return to Milan

the death of Sergio

in the midst of Leonardo struggle to pay in the Battle of hungary, his father died.

relationship had been complex. beautiful never legitimately leonardo, but perhaps that was an act of intentional or unintentional kindness as well as coldness. have you done so, Leonardo may have been expected to become a notary, despite guild rules that made that difficult, and piero knew that vocation would not suit for him. helped his son get at least three major painting commissions, but he also Drew up string and contracts designed to force him to deliver. when you want to fail to do so, it likely caused strain between them.

after not marrying Leonardo's mother, piero had four wives. the last two were much younger than leonardo, and with them bureau had nine sons and two daughters, many of them sired when he was in his 70s. Leonardo's have siblings were all young enough to be his children, and they didn't regard him as a potential family hair.

and difficult family didn't mix became evident when piero died. leonardo, imperfectly displaying his tutorial heritage, recorded the event in his notebook, he seemed agitated, on a page filled with list of his expenditure in July 1504, including one flooring to salai to spend on the house, you wrote The following on Wednesday at 7:00 died Sarah DaVinci on the names of July 1504. there was one little oddity July 9th that year was a Tuesday.

then Leonardo did something even more unusual. on the top right of another page, which contains something called geometric drawing and the view columns of edit numbers, he had the information repeated in a slopping script written in the conventional left to right manner. if you look at the manuscript carefully, you see that the note is in a different thing from the rest of the page semicolon the fact that it is carefully scribe in a normal little kid in the case that it may have been detected to one of his assistant. it begins, Wednesday at 7:00 the next word will likely have been died, but the line breaks off and it crossed out. on the next line the text begins a new on the 9th of July 1504 Wednesday at 7:00 tied serpiero da vincentina Palazzo del Co polo, my father at 7:00, being 80 years old, leaving behind dancing and two daughters. again there is something wrong with the day, and this time he has dated the hour twice. he also got his father's age wrong by 2 years; Peter was only 78.

in saying that people had 10 sons, Leonardo was counting himself. nevertheless, his father did not be quit him and me inheritance. despite his advanced age and the fact that he was a notary, piero had not made a will. although he may not have made an active decision to this inherit Leonard welcome he knew that they in the statement his property was beautified it among only his legitimate song. perhaps he felt that leaving money to Leonardo wasn't necessary because he was already successful, but in fact he was never comfortably wealthy. or maybe beautiful thought that inheritance would make his son even more negligan about completing commissions. more likely is that Leonardo was not legally and hair and, with their relationship strain, beautiful no reason to change that. he had ground Leonardo into this world as an illegitimal, had not legitimated him as a child and on his him yet again

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