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Setback of my TOEFL

Even if everyday I am done writing this blog with English, even if I read English book everyday, my personal goal to get high score of TOEFL got a setback.

It has been a month, I didn't take any practice of TOEFL, at all.. It supposed to be scheduled on every Thursday on my personal agenda, but these days I really under pressure with my businesses that get downturn in revenue. This kind of a thing, enough to disrupt my personal schedule.

Actually, it doesn't mean that I don't have free time at all. Of course I have! But it was really difficult for me, to take my time about 2 hours to focus on doing TOEFL Practice test. TOEFL practice test require focus, If I still check my WhatsApp every 20 minutes, it really disturbing of my practice experience. That's why I scared to start to take TOEFL Practice test.

To be honest, my goal was finish the real TOEFL test on September 2022, then I revised my goal to October 2022. And now, the day I wrote this post, was in the middle of November 2022! Still I don't have plan to take real test of TOEFL.

These are setbacks of my TOEFL Journey.

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