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Recently my son, who attend kindergarten, been taught by his teacher a strange word, DUDZOLKAKOSI..

"What is that? seem so strange..." I asked. Then my son explained to me the meaning of that words, this word are abbreviation.

So here the break down of the words, and the meaning in Indonesian and in English

DU = dusta = lie

DZOL = dzolim = unfair

KA = kasar = rude

KO = kotor = dirty

SI = sia-sia = waste

seems like some of six-sigma jargon isn't it? moreover the last word are WASTE.

So this is a jargon from my son's school, that try to tell the children to avoid this kind of thing: lie, unfair, rude, dirty, and waste.

what a concept! nice..

At the first I heard the words, it seems strange and weird. Never heard before, but now I realize, that the "strange"-level of this words are the unique. Even if never heard before, but it stick in my mind, furthermore my son.

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