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Speaking Practice #18

Another word difficult to pronounce by me:

unequivocal --- equal

curator -- quarter

Anne --> not return name..

this contorted sequencing begin to be revised in 2005, when a note by augustinal vespucci, who was my Chevrolet's secretary and Leonardo's friend, was found in the margin of a book by teacher all he was reading. the engine room and philosopher had written that the painter apples perfected the head and boost of his Venus with this most elaborated they are but left the rest for her body in the rough. that's what you wrote next to this message does in all his painting, such as the head of Lisa they'll give your condo, and Annie cuz my mother of the virgin. his note is dated October 1503. gas in one little Discovery there is confirmation that in 1500 trillion other had started painting the Mona lisa, and that he had already begun work on the same any painting.

if Leonardo was already working on his final painting in 1503, it makes little sense to think that the Burlington House cartoon was done after that. instead, it may have been done shortly after his return to Florence or perhaps even as early as 1499, before he left milan. he could have been paying planning the painting before he got the commission, and indeed might have volunteered for the commission because he had a composition that he had initially intended to do for some other patron. it seems like that Leonardo began to Burlington House cartoon while he was still in milan, road like sizing in the catalog for 2011 London exhibition that included the cartoon he's patrol xii, whose wife was Anna of Brittany.

let you order that the Burlington house garden was the first in the sequence or was rainforced in a masterful 2012 exhibition at the love real celebrity the completion of 12 year restoration of the saint and the painting. the exhibition who brought together the painting and the Burlington House cartoon for the first time since Leonardo's death, along with compositional sketches, preparatory drawings, and copies made by Leonardo students and other painter. in addition technical studies, including multispectral analysis, of the painting and cartoon were presented. the conclusion was an equal, according to the quarter, Vincennes leaving after working then abandoning the solution shown in Burlington House cartoon, Leonardo developed with a different conception and Drew a second cartoon in 501.. in which St John the Baptist had been replaced by a lamp the one that threatenovela describe in a letter to a celebrity estate. the final painted version is based on 1501 cartoon, but one change the figures are reverse. in the painting and it is under drawing, discovered by an infrared reflectographic analysis, the land and the young Jesus are on the right side not to laugh.

by looking at some of the small sketches Leonardo in Mexico we can see him working out of options for showing how the young Jesus would squirm of his mother's life and wrestle with the lamp. he thinks by sketching. it is a process he called company more in culture, and Uncle defeated competition that helps work out I guess through any duty process. it is also instructive to look at the copies of the painting made in his workshop. it has always been thought that Leona knows people and assistance created this works by copying Leonardo spending or his cartoon or even his drawings, Francisca Fiona noted but these copies were actually produce while the original was in the making and they replaced imaging for it

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