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New Setup!

new setup of PC
new setup of PC

Since I rarely being in my real office, I decided to bring my PC to my house.

After my son start for school and my wife has 3rd pregnant, that's my duty to get my son go to school and pick him up. Only me. Sometimes my wife did the backup, but only for sometimes. I don't want my wife get too tired, because her 1st born was premature in 8 months. We don't want that kind of thing happen again.

So... Because of that, I do much prefer find coffee shop near my son's school rather than go to my office. It has been happen for almost 3 months.

Yesterday, I ask all of my middle manager, there are 4 people. Is it problem that I never been in the office? they said no. as long as all the brief and communication done well, no problem.

So then, I decided to bring my computer to my home.

Now I am typing in my house using this my love PC of mine. ha ha

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