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Digital Marketing Technology Time to Time

I have been in this kind of industry since I was entering my graduate school, in 2008. I try selling any kind of products using digital marketing technique on that time.

Present time, 2022, so many changes happen. here some of my recap regarding this digital marketing technology.

2008: Scrolling shopping

in 2008, the search engine was dominated only by Google. Small websites or to-be-e-commerce doesn't have good engine, so the search result was so bad. Thus, people search for generic keyword, than to surf page by page, scroll by scroll to find their desire products.

on these days, in my country, payment method so limited. There was mobile banking and internet banking, but people much prefer to pay in cash. So, me my self, often deliver my product to the door of customer then get paid.

2010: The Facebook Ads

These days, digital ads becoming more personalize. At that time, it runs quite well. We can targeting people based on their interest, using Facebook library. Facebook done aggregation of their users, statically. Nowadays it become so dynamics. On these days, Facebook only clustering based on profile that user key-in + some little behavior that users engage.

But, one powerful method was found here. Retargeting! we can do advertise to people who already visit our website.. so cool at that time.

2015: The Marketplace

Even if Alibaba or Amazon already settled in US or China. In my country, Indonesia, such a marketplace was new in these days.

There were 2 pioneer of marketplace in Indonesia, Bukalapak and Tokopedia. 7 years later, nowadays, they still operate.

2022: The Tiktok

Tiktok was game changer, they flip the coin how digital marketing done. Before, traffic was in Social Media then we compete each other to grab the traffic into our websites. Nowadays, that's obsolete.. People can consume any content in Tiktok, then do buy some of their needs or wants direct from Tiktok! Shorter user journey..

Moreover, Live Streaming was happening in my country on this year. Such a new ways to selling products.

so.. what's next?

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