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Speaking Practice #17

Another attempts to improve my speaking in English skill.. Still, I read from Leonardo Da Vinci biography books. here some words that I misspelled:

betrothed --> returns bit throated

dowry -- returns jewelry

ducats -- returns to casts

here the original my speech to text result:

Isabella de Estes and painted poetry

you can get impression of Leonardo's life in Florence at this time by looking at the amusing tale of commission he did not take. soon after he arrived, he was busy good bye and treaties from Isabella the estate to fulfill his promise to paying a picture of her, either April trade based on the child throwing he had made of her when he passed through Mantua or, short of that any other subject he chose. the sound of the two willful people, with a black girl fryer called in the middle, turned out to be so prolonged that it became, at least in retrospect, humorous as well as refilling of Leonardo's and willingness to fulfill commissions that bought him. it also tells us about his interest in Florence attitude towards wealthy restaurant.

isabela, a strong wheel first lady of Mantua and a stronger will patron of art, was 26 at the time. she was the daughter of the Duke of Ferrara and Asian of SD family, the richest and oldest Noble clan in Italy. she had received a regular classical education in latin, great, history and music. from the age of six, she had been bit throated to Francisco gonzaga, The Marquis of mantua. Isabella brought a jewelry of 25,000 gold to cats or more than 3 million at 2017 gold prices, and her wedding in 1491 was lavish. after arriving in Mantua from Florida in a flotilla of more than 50 volts, she rode through the street in a gold Chariot cheered by 17,000 spectators and accompanied by ambassador from a dozen realms.

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