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The Last Supper


The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci
The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Since I read Leonardo Da Vinci biography book by Walter Isaacson, I become so curious about Leonardo. Even if the book is not finish yet, I've done some Googling to fulfill my curiosity about Da Vinci's works.

Recently I read about The Last Supper. Wow.. First time I knew this paint, was from the film of Da Vinci's Code or Angel and Demond, I am not really sure. It was astonishing me.

All the artworks of Da Vinci is so realistic, and I couldn't write the suitable words for it. Even if I am not art enthusiast, but still it amaze me.

This last supper is stuck in my mind. I did research what it said in Bible, what it said in Quran. What kind of circumstance was this, and so on. 

All such a thing, the realistic arts, causing that era, about 1400~1500 was called renaissance. If we look to nowadays, illustrations become not realistic at all. You can see how Facebook creating their icons with big head and small body of human, that also nice to look.

You can see cartoons nowadays, no need to be so realistic. The proportion, the color, the body are not something we can imagine before. Maybe Da Vinci himself, never thought about it.

So, if 500 years ago called renaissance, what about now? GOLD renaissance?

ha ha

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