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Be Open Minded

No matter how experienced you are, you should be open minded.

The thing is, being open mind is difficult when you have much of experience. Moreover, if you heard some suggestions from newbie in your expertise.

Now it happening to me. It was hard to me to accept someone suggestions in my expertise, digital marketing. My ego was too high. But since last week, I realize (again), life is changing so fast. Digital marketing included, obviously.

The man who are not follow the change, the disruption, wait until it fall. I don't want it happen to my businesses. And usually, new tips and tricks came from newbie or entry level on that area. It true brother!

So now I'm trying so hard to press my ego, to listen to other people. Be open minded.

Often, the new ideas will destruct immediately what I believe in the past. What I built in the past must be re-design, or left over at all. Open minded was hard, follow the new suggestion is harder!

I remember what Prof Rhenal Kasali said, "stay relevant!"

Relevant is much easier to say that to act.

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