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Idle is Waste

Almost 2 months already, my employees got much idle time. Maybe in a day, they didn't occupy anything for 3-4 hours..

this is waste!

How come it can happen? simple. our sales were drop! 3 months in a row, our sales were drop. Drop for about 15% each month. The impact is, less turnover of inventory, less fulfillment, less production, that caused my employees got idle time.

what a waste. so unfortune.

So what the solution? simple but not easy..

1. Boost the sales
If this solution were easy, this would not happen at all.. We are trying our best to boost our sales by now.

2. Diverse the jobs
This could be easy, if your workers or your peers have many skill sets. The problem is, my employee that idle are the operators, they only have specific skill set. But I have to make sure this one, I have to talk to them one by one in search of their potential in personal

3. lay off
The most difficult solution. Their idle time was not their fault, so it supposed they don't take any consequences from that.

Bismillah.. God please help me.

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