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Bajuyuli baju muslim anak perempuan

Welcome to Equality World

What I mean is not about gender, is not about your sex orientation, is not about your color, but about how you get famous!

Since Instagram era, in the prime, anyone could be famous trough that. Literally everyone, it doesn't need your beauty of face, it doesn't need how skill your video or photo editing! This because, trough Instagram algorithm, anybody could seen by everyone. If many people like your content, and getting bigger and bigger, it is really possible you become viral. It was like that.

But now, in Tiktok era.. Still that scheme is works, but with a lot "easier" way. Nowadays, not just you no need to know hot to editing to create content, but also if you can deliver "good" context, your content probably boosted by Tiktok. It seems easier in macro-views, but actually it is not easy to get viral in any social media.

The reason for my opinion here, because day after day, the viral "person" are become more don't-see-it-coming, never thought before! more non-sense than ever!

Who can predict, nobody from remote area in Indonesia, can become talks of Indonesian? it is non-sense.. The person only creating 15s short video, with no editing, with no script.. seems like easy to do, but it 90% depends on Tiktok will-goodness.

No matter who you are.. Actor? Actress? Athlete? common people? disability man? you can get famous nowadays.

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