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Speaking Practice #14

found another words that difficult for me to spell:

changed it returned change

wrote it returned road

part of my another Leonardo da Vinci biography book as my speec practice:

the second version

during the 1490s, Leonardo worked with amrogio the price on a new version of vision of the rocks for the conflaternity of the immaculate conception, to replace the one that had not been delivered. according to the technical studies reported in 2009 Leonardo begin with a far different under drawing. it feature of healing Virgin Mary in a posture of adoration, with one hand across her breast. but then Leonardo change his mind. he covered the new under drawing with primer and Drew another but I wonder very closely resembles the first version of version of the rocks, except that as in the original on the drawing for the first version the angel is not pointing at John at the Baptist. in addition, the angel is not peering out from the picture of the viewer. instead, his dreamy gays seems to take in the whole scene.

as a result, The narrative is not distracting. the Virgin Mary becomes the unchallenged center of attention. our eyes start on her Serene face as the watches John neil, and her hand however protectively over her child, this time not interrupted by the Angels including finger. the scene becomes one that features that gesture and emotions of the Virgin rather than the angel of John.

another softball difference is that The grotto is more closed and there is less car above prevent the light is therefore not as diffused but instead comes in directionally as a beam from the left side of the painting, selectively falling up on the highlighting the four characters. as a result, the modeling, plasticity, and the three dimensionality of the shapes already enhance. between the first and second versions, Leonardo had been studying light and optics, and the result is an artistic use of light that was new in the history of art. in its dynamic qualities of variability and selectivity, in contrast to the static, even universal light of the lovely version, it is the light of a new era come on roll the art historian John shearman.

the composition of the second version was clearly the work of leonardo. the question arises, however, how much of the actual painting, which may have been done over the course of almost 15 years, was by him and how much was delegated to I'm broke you and the assistant at the studio.

one indication that Leonardo delegated some of the work is that the plans are not as authentic as in the first version. it is very striking, because they go against everything that Leonardo's always done in terms of his botanical art, according to the articulous John Green show. they are not real flowers. they're all concoctions, like a half-imagine aquilegia. the same differences can be found in the geology. The rocks is in the natural delivery painting are synthetic, tilted drastic character. missouloso road the rocks in the foreground are not finally bedded but are lovely weather and massive, giving the appearance of limestone rather than sandstone. the presence of limestone would be in Congress in this geological settings.

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