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Earlier Better?

Recently, my son's school, which is kindergarten, commenced to appreciate kids that come early to the school. The appreciation is using like medallion, made from simple paper with star shape and numbers inside it. It count from 1 to 10.

Kids who 1st arrive at school will get star number 1st, 2nd star number 2, and so on.

The teachers said, the method is to teach the students to kids who has good time management.

At the first, I don't feel suspicious at all. But, until I thought different way.

My kids school time is 08:00 AM o clock. Students who get 1st star and 2nd star, I guest come to school at 07:30 AM or so. Is getting earlier means better? I am afraid, is not!

It supposed to be, kids who arrive at school on time or in early time have to get same appreciation. Because the school start on 08:00 AM!

Good time management is on time, not early or late. on time! that's my thought right now.

So if I were the teacher, I will give my 1st star to kids who come before 08:00 and exactly 08:00 AM oclock.

then what about the 2nd star? I should not given at all, because if following my scheme, kids who show up after 08:00 AM even if only 1 second, it means late.. no need to appreciate at all.

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