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Speaking Practice #15

 today I'm going to attend my friends wedding on chili it's about 30 km from my home it's quite far away I think.

I knew her since I was high school so it is about 15 years ago, we're not close enough at the high school and then at the University we are we are on the same hobbies group it makes us see each other more often. I mean I'm not have an affair with hi I'm just just friends with her

I think her wedding is too late because of mine now have three children me and my wife read on 2015 and here she my friend getting wedding on 2022. maybe if you are from the West culture or from us or Europe waiting on 30 plus ages is an common issue but here in Indonesia which are most of it the Muslim we are averagely waiting at twenties.

and this text I created using speech to text from Google notes and Google keyboard come on now I'm trying to document my daily life using this keep notes and post it to my blog and of course in order to practicing my speaking English.

so now my me and my left are on repairing to go to the wedding come on maybe it cost us about 2 hours on the road

to be honest I'm not really excited to go to this wedding because I have some work that not finished yet and I have to drive around an hour or two hours until we can get home again but in my culture attending invitation is a mandatory

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