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Speaking Practice #16

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below part of the book of Leonardo Da Vinci biography by Walter Isaacson as my speaking practice using speech to text feature

the science of art

the Paragon

on February 9th, 1498, Leonardo start in an evening of debate at this Forza castle that involved relatives merits of geometry, sculpture, music, painting and factory. he gave a rigorous scientific and aesthetic defense of painting, which was then consider a mechanical art, are doing that it showed instead be regarded as the highest of the liberal arts, transcending poetry and music and sculpture. the court mathematician look up passioli, who is there to argue for the primacy of geometry, wrote that the audience included cardinals, generals, call tears and eminent operators, export in the noble art of medicine and astrology. most of patio lease price was lavished on Leonardo. one of the most illustrious participants, he wrote was the ingenious architect that engineer and inventor leonardo, who with each and population in sculpture, casting and painting grooves through his name. not only was this a pool on his name come up but it also showed that Leonardo was viewed by others and not just himself as an engineers and architects as well as a painter.

this type of stage debate and comparative value of various intellectual endeavors, ranging from math to philosophy to art, was a staple of evening at the forza castle, known as paragon, from the Italian word for comparison, search as the scores was a way for artists and scholar to attract patterns and elevate their social status during the Italian Renaissance. this was another field in which leonardo, with his love of both stagecraft and intellectual discussion, could Excel as an ornament of the Court.

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