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Beginner's Luck is Real

I don't really sure how many time I posted about beginner's luck.. But still it churning in my mind nowadays.

I've known some people that just started their business for 2 years, but the scale of the business is larger than mine. Mine is 6 years, and those people are less than 2 years! how come?

My deep think about it, beginners luck is real. Me also get this windfall on my first 2 years, I am not really sure why my business is grow, on that day I surpassed my supplier sales, and keep going. After the 4th years, I faced decline on my business, then seeing new people with fresh idea and minimum experience surpassing me. It hurts dude! ha ha

Can I get back my beginner's luck? of course not! I am not beginners anymore. Now I know how to facing financial complexity, now I know how to facing Inventory headache, and now I know how to deal with toxic employees.. What about the beginners? they don't deal with such a thing, they just focus on sales sales sales. Maybe this one of many reason that beginner's luck happening really often.. The founder is focus! only sales..

If you just like me, what should we do?

first.. take a relief. let it go. Don't let your jealousy destroy your productivity, focus on your own business..!

second, keep learning. Because I am really sure, if I get another chance of luck, I could do jump better than the beginners.. ha ha.

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