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Speaking Practice #13

another words difficult (for me) to spell:

whinge --> my attempt return wing

devise --> my attempt return device

attached --> my attempt return attach

here some part of my speech to text practice by read Leonardo Da Vinci biography book.


Flying Machines

what is observation on an interview on his analysis of the VC convince Leonardo that it was possible to build a winch mechanism that would allow humans to fly. a word is an instrument working according to mathematical law, and it is the capacity of men to reproduce such an instrument, he wrote, a man with wings large enough and Julie attached might learn to overcome the resistance of the air and raise himself upon it.

combining engineering with physics and anatomy, Leonardo began in the late 1480s to defies contraption to accomplish this. his voice design looks like a big ball with four or like blades that were to alternate in pairs moving up and down, like the four winds dragonfly he had started earlier. to overcome the relative weakness of human breast muscle, this cross between a flying soldier and a health club chamber has the operator use his legs to push pedals, his arms to crank a gear and fully mechanism, his head to Palm a piston, and his shoulder to pull cables. it is unclear how he would manage to steal the machine.

seven legislator in the same notebook, Leonardo produce an elegant drawing of an experiment that used a bat like wing, it's a thin bones covered with membrane of skin rather than feathers, that was similar to those he had drawn for theatrical production back in florence. the wing is attached to a thick wooden plank for my wish he specified, should we 150 lb. like an average man, and do a lever mechanism that will pump the wink Leonardo even Drew and amusing man in motion, jumping up and down on top of the end of the long lever.

a little sketch you below shows a clever element when the wing is swinging up what a hinge allows it to point it tips don't work and encounter less resistance, then slowly be moved by spring and pulley back into a rigid position. later ideas included divising skin flaps in the wings that would be closed on the downswing but fly open on the app swing to minimize air resistance.

at times, Leonardo abandoned the help of achieving South propelled flight and designing leaders instead. one of these was shown to be basically workable in the construction than 500 years later by the ITN television network in britain, however, for most of his career he remained committed to achieving human power flight in bird like devices with flapping wings, he drew more than a dozen variation, using petals and lovers with the pilot prawn all standing, and begin referring to his machine as the you killer or bird.

in his species accommodation at the Corte fascia, Leonardo had what he called lamia fabrica. in addition to being the room where he had work on the ill-fated horseman and father so far for my it provided space for experimenting with flying machines. at one point he wrote himself a note about how to conduct a flight experiment on the roof without being seen by the workers construction eight hour that he had failed in the competition to design on the cathedral next door. make a large and tall model, and you will have a room on the upper roof he wrote if you stand on the roof and the side of the tower, the men at work on the table will not see you.

at other times, he envisioned testing a machine over water while wearing a live reserver. you will experiment with this machine over a lake and you will wear as a belt a long wine skin, so that if you fall in, you will not drown. and finally, when all of his experiments ordinary and an end, he mingled his plans with fantasies. the large bird will take its first flight from the back of the great swan, he wrote on the last value of his collects on the flight of birds, referring to swan mountain near fiesta lake, feeling the universe with amazement, feeling all right things with its Fame and bringing internal glory to the nest of it was born

with beautiful little drawings, Leonardo reports right the Elegance of words as they twisted turn shifted their center of gravity, and many for the wins. he also pioneered the use of vector license and soils to show invisible currents. but for all the beauty of his art and all the ingenuity of his designs, he was never able to create a human power flying machine that could take off on its own. to be fair it looks almost 500 years before any human did so.

late in his life, Leonardo sketch a cylinder with two people wings, clearly meant as a toy. look closely and you can see that it's attached to a wire line. in what maybe his last drawing of a mechanical bird, he referred, in appointment and slightly and said fashion, to the way he began drawing them 30 years earlier as dazzling with a Paramount little contraption for the momentary amusement of audience at cultural and public regions

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