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Better to Avoid

I am a Moslem. Eating pork, drinking alcohol is prohibited in my faith. Why? Actually, we don't have ask the why, because it our faith. But, some people try to explain the why trough scientific method. But it not will be written here.

The point is. Long time ago, I had been in Chinese's restaurant with my friends, all of them is Chinese. They knew that I am unable to eat pork, but still they brought me to the restaurant. What they thought was, they can order non-pork food for me.

Yes, obviously, as simple as don't order pork food for me. But I have been thought that, better to avoid something that indicating something wrong or haram, as long as it is not urgent.

On that day, I do remember, that my faith is not strong enough.. I knew the prohibited, I knew the principle of better to avoid. But I still eat on that Chinese restaurant.

What should I do that day actually?
I do remember, that day I am not starving. I am not hungry. The best thing I could do that day was stay in the car, or just wait outside of restaurant drinking some coffee.. Better for me to avoid to eat on the restaurant that selling pork and alcohol.

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