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Speaking Practice #12

Difficulut words to pronounce so far from passage below:



Curiosity and observation

in addition to his instinct for discerning patterns across disciplines, Leonardo Holland two other traits that aided his scientific pursuits an Omniverse curiosity, which word on the fanatical and an acute power of observation which was easily intense. like much with leonardo, this were interconnected. any person who put describe the tongue of the woodpecker on his to the list is over on the over and out with the combination of curiosity and equity.

excuse me like that and stein, often was about phenomena that most people offer the age of 10 no longer puzzle about what is the sky blue how are clouds formed? why can our eyes see only in a straight line? what is yawning? Einstein said he marveled about questions other phone mundane because he was low in learning to talk as a child. for Leonardo is telling you may have been connected to growing up with a love of nature while not being overly scored in received wisdom.

other topics of his security that he list in his notebooks are more ambitious and require an instinct for observational investigation. which nerve caused the eye to move so that the motion of one eye move the other? describe the beginning of a human when it is in the warmth. and along with the woodpecker he lists the jaw of crocodile and the placenta of the cough as things he wants to describe. a lot of work.

his curiosity was aided by the sharpness of his eye come out with focus on things that the rest of us glance over. one thing he saw lighting flash behind some buildings, and for that in stand they look smaller, so he launched a series of experiments and control observations to verify that objects looks smaller when surrounded by light and look larger in the midst or dark. when he looked at the things with one eye closed, he noticed that they appear less around that when seen with both eyes, so he went on to explore the reason why.

can I clock with refer to Leonardo's in humanly sharp eye. it's a nice place, but misleading. Leonardo was human. the acuteness of his observational skill was not some superpower he possessed. instead, it was product of his own e4. that's important, because it means that we can, if we wish, not just marvel at him but try to learn from him by pushing ourselves to look at things more curiously and intensely.

in his notebook, he describe his method almost like a trick for closely observing a scene of object look carefully and spiritually at each detail. he compared it to looking at the page of a book cover which is meaningless when taken in a hold and instead needs to be look at what my word. deep observation must be done in steps if you wish to have a son knowledge of the forms of the object come and begin with the details of them and do not go on the second step until you have the first while fixing memory.

another Gambit here accommoded for giving your eye good practice and observations was to play this game with friends but 1% draws a line on a wall and the other standard distance away and try to cut a blade of straw to extract length of the line he who has come nearest with his major to the length of the pattern is the winner Leonardo's I was especially sharp when it came to observing motion. the dragonfly flies with for wings, and when those in front or erase those behind our lower he found imagine the evil it took to watch a dragonfly carefully enough to notice this. in his notebook he recorded that the best place to observe dragonflies was by the moon surrounding this for the castle. let's post to tomorrow at Leonardo working out in the evening, no doubt then delete dressed, standing at the edge of mode, instantly watching the motion of each of the four wings of a dragonfly

his penis and observing motion help him overcome but difficulty of capturing it in a painting. there is a paradox, which goes back to Zeno in the 5th century bc, involving the apparent contradiction of an object being in motion yet also being at precise place at the given instant Leonardo restaurant with the concept of depicting and arrested instant that contains both the past and the future of the moment.

he compared and arrested instead of motion to the concept of a single geometrical point, the point has no length or width. yet if it move it create lines the point has no dimension the line is the transit of a point using his method of the other thing by analogy he wrote the instant does not have time and time is made from movement of the instant

dated by this energy already in his art so to freeze RAM and even while also showing it in motion in rivers the water that you touch in the last of what he passed and the first of that which comes he observed so with time present. he came back to this team repeatedly in his notebooks observe the light he instructed blink your eye and look it at again that which you see was not there at first and that which was door is no more.

Leona Roscoe at observing motion was translated by The flicks of his brush into his art. in addition, while walking at this Forza court, he began channeling his fascination with motion into scientific and engineering studies, most of them believe his investigation into the flight of birds and machines of flight of man

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