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Sleep is Expensive

How many hours do you sleep?

I've heard Elon Musk himself slept 6-8 hours per day.
When I was kid, I've been told that success people is slept for 3-4 hours per day.

Here I am, not Elon Musk, and of course not success people.

According to my sleep history on my Amazfit Bip apps. In average, I slept for 6-7 hours per day. And that hours is not continues time, but it distributed apart along each day.

My habit in last 30 days was like:
Nigh sleep from 12:00Am, woke up at 04:00 AM to do fajr prayer.
05:30 AM to 07:00 AM I do sleep again, sometimes I called it power nap, but actually it wasn't.
Later in the afternoon, after lunch, after I picked up my son, I do some sleep for 1 hours. 
So sum up the numbers, I got 4+1.5+1 = 6.5 hours of sleep on regular day.

But, sometimes, like today, I felt so exhausted and sleepy. I felt need more rest then usual. So after fajr prayer, I took more sleep, and woke up at 10:00AM.

I lost my work hour habit for 2 hours, 08:00Am to 10:00AM. and you know what? it is expensive! there was cost that I have to pay, not money, but my productivity and my company daily operation.

That 2 hours of my gone, my team didn't receive strategist instruction for our operation. It made them idle, waiting for me, and it costly! even if only 2 hours.

I love sleep, sleep make my mind fresh, so do you, but I am still facing cycling problem of my sleep.

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