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Speaking Practice #11

Another attempts of speaking practice! So far I've made 10 post of a kind, so proud of me. ha ha.

Still in the book of Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.

Found another words that difficult to pronounce correctly by me, those are:




Now I realized another difficulties, spelling 2nd verb or 3rd verb! Need more practice

here the result:

patterns and analogies

in view of processing abstract mathematical posts to extract theoretical laws from nature, the way Copernicus and Galileo and Newton later did, Leonardo relied on a more rudimentary method Colin he was able to see patterns in nature, and he theorized by making analogies, with his skin observational skills across multiple disciplines recurring themes. as the philosopher Michelle so called noted, the protoscience of Leonardo's era Bay was based on similarities and analysis.

because of his intuitive feel for unity of nature, his mind and I and Ben daughter across disciplines, sensing connections, this constant search for basic rhyming organic form meant that when he looked at a hard blossoming into its network of veins he saw and sketch alongside it, acid germinating into shorts. Adam gopnik road studying the curls on beautiful woman's head he thought in terms of the swimming motion of a turbulent flow of water. he's drawing of a fetus in warm hints at the similarity to a seed in a shell,.

when he was inventing musical instruments, he made an energy between how the larynx works and how a Gleason door recorder could perform similarly. when he was competing to design the Tower of millions cathedral, he made a connection between architects and doctors that reflected what would become the most fundamental energy in his heart and science Colin that between our physical world and our human anatomy. when he dissected a link and Drew its muscles and sinus, it led him to also sketch robs and levers.

we saw an example of this pattern base analysis on the team sheet, where he made the energy between a branching three the arteries in a human, one that he applied also to rivers and their tributaries. all the branches of a tree at every stage of its height when put together or are equal in thickness to the trunk below the he wrote elsewhere. all the branches of a river at every stage of its course, if they are of equal rapidity, are equal to the body of the mainstream. this conclusion is still known as defenses rule, and it has proven the true in situations where the branches are not very large Colin the sum of the cross sectional area of all branches above a branching point is equal to the cross sectional area of the trunk of the branch immediately below the branching point.

another analogy he made was comparing the way that light sound, magnetism and the best Christian liberation caused by a hammer blow all disseminate in a variety radiating pattern often in waves. in one of his notebooks he made a column of small drawing showing how it's force field spreads. he even illustrated how happened when each type of wave hits a small hole in the wall per; refuge ring the studies done by Dodge City Christians almost to centuries later, he showed the diffraction that occurs as the waves go through the aperture. wave mechanics work for him early a passing curiosity, but even in this brilliance is breathtaking.

the connection that Leonardo made across the siblings served as guides for his inquiries. the analogy between water and is and air turbulence, for example, provided a framework for studying the fight of birds. to arrive at the knowledge of the motions of birds in the air, Hill road it is necessary to acquire knowledge of the winds, which we will prove by the motion of water. but the patterns he designed were more than just useful study guides. here you guarded them as relation of essential truth, manifestation of the beautiful unity of nature

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