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Lie is Human Self Defense

Nobody wants to be lied by someone, common logic, so obvious. Furthermore, everyone should tried to lied to anybody. is it? Golden rules, easy to understand.

I don't want my children lie to me, that's why I am really hard to tried to not lying to them. The parenting method is role modeling, I have to be a father that don't lie to my children, so in return I hope my children don't lie to me.

Once again, common logic. Easy to understand.

But this morning I realized something. I noticed that my older son, has lied to me several times. Actually, these cases was for minor issue. But how come he learnt to lie? Assume, I never told to do so and never let my children see me lied to him.

So I have hypothetical theory from here, human telling lie is for their self-defense.

Defense from what?
- being ashamed
- avoiding conflict
- get bad judgement

That's why my children can or tried to lie to me. Because naturally in human behavior, lie is always there.

What we can do is to minimize not to avoid it 100%.

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