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Everyone Should do Coding

Recently, my nephew being directed by her parents to take vocational school of coding. Literally the major is coding, not computer science or information techonlogy.

FYI, in my country, Indonesia. Vocational School can be start after junior high school, which the age could start from 14~15 years old.

When I heard that plan from my sisters (my nephew's mother), I don't really agreed at all. Do coding is good, when people do coding perhaps can open millions of opportunity. The industry demand for employee that can di code is in growth shape. But... Has it to be a major in school? I don't think so.

Everybody should learn how to code. But it is completely not necessary to make it as major in study.

Coding is just like language, is it really important. Is it basic skill, and doesn't to be a major on your life. People can learn language, whatever is it, trough anything. Learning by doing, studying from Youtube, anything.

Coding is major in our life right now, in still to be in the future, but it should be learnt as a minor.

Much better you study medical and you can do code, even if your skill is basic.
Much better you study finance, and you can do code, even if your coding skill is not sophisticated.
and so on...

So I don't agree if you choose doing code as a major in school.

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