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Speaking Practice #10

Another finding while I am using speech to text feature as a my English speaking practice.

It seems that, my pronunciation not getting better. The best I should di is do error checking words by words after the result, but really that was consuming my time a lot.

So start from now, I will choose 3 words that very difficult for me to spell.. Find the correct pronouncation, then keep in my mind. And so forth.

So today, here those 3:





here my result from reading Leonardo da Vinci code, now entering one of the most monumental character (painting) in the world.

Virtuvian Man

80 burrito formulas cathedral

when we land authorities in 1487 were seeking ideas for building a lantern tower, known as tiburio, I thought their cathedral, Leonardo says the opportunity to establish his credentials as an architect. that year he had completed his plans for an ideal city, but they had injured little interest. the company decision to design the three bore you with a chance to show that he could do something more practical.

Milan skateboard was a century old, but it is still did not have the traditional table on the roof at the crossing of the nave and drum set. the challenge, which had defeated a view reviews or she texts, was to confirm with the buildings Gothic style and overcome the structural weakness of its crossing area. at least the 1487, approaching the task in a somewhat collaborative fishing, sharing ideas.

the Italian Renaissance was producing our test engineer architects who straddled disciplines, in the tradition of brunelacy and alberti, and the three two project care for Leonardo the opportunity to work with two of the best Colin donate and Francisco de gorgio. they became his close friends, and their collaboration produce some interesting church designs. for more important, it is also led to a set of drawings, based on the writings of financial Roman architect, that's how to harmonize the proportions of a human to death of a coach, and for that would culminate with an iconic drawing by Leonardo that came to symbolize the harmonious relationship between man and the universe.

romantic served as an initial expert judging the tiburio submissions. 8 years older than leonardo, he was a former son or from near albino with Granny mission and appetites but he moved to Milan in the early 1470s to make a name for himself, and he carved out rolls that range from entertainer to engineer. like Leonardo come on he began his work at this Forza Court by being an impressory of pigeons and performances. he also wrote with you versus, Albert of apple riddles, and occasionally accompanied the company in his performance by playing a liar or you.

some of Leonardo's allegorical tell us that properties were compliments to bramantes, and by the late 1480s they were working together on fantasias reformer for special question and other function of the sports entertainment industry. both men displayed dazzling brilliance and effortless charm, despite which they become close friends. and he's notebooks Leonardo affectionately called The architects don't need no, and romanticated a book of poems about Roman I think antiquities to Leonardo, calling him a cardio deal and delightful associate.

a few years later after he and Leonardo become friends, romantic painted a physical that feature to ancient philosophers Heracles and democritos. democrators known to be amused by The human condition is loving, while heavily this is crying, round faces and balding and former appears to be a self portrait of drama day, while the portrait of Heracles seems to be based on leonardo, he has a profession of loving daily script. those weekend imagine how Leonardo still clean shaving looks in his prime

remember they moved on from the role of impresario to being on the retainer as an artist engineer architects for sale called, those serving the roll and paving the wave or leonardo. in the mid-1480s when he had Leon road working together but my prevented displayed his combination of art and architectures talents by designing a fake absay, or shower area, behind the outer of Milan's coach of Santa Maria pressures and sensitivo. because space was cramped there was no room for a fuel Epson, using the knowledge of respective that was spreading about Renaissance painters, brahmatical injured up a trumpet I say, I painted optical illusion that made it seem as if the space had more that that that

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