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KFC to the Rescue

Me and Kids, Eat at KFC Cimahi - Indonesia
Me and Kids, Eat at KFC Cimahi - Indonesia

No doubt, fast food called as junk food. Nobody in this world can argue that fast food is healthy, we're all knew that junk food not good for out health..

But why still, restaurant like KFC has good sales on all over the world? including my country, Indonesia?

Let be honest here.

Junk food has a good taste!

Don't lie to me, be honest to yourselves. Even if it called junk food, it is absolutely not junk for our tongue and mouth, isn't it?
That is why, if you confuse where to eat, junk food is really easy choice, moreover the other reason why fast-food still high on demand below:

Fast food, serve fast and well.

In my country, local restaurant serve the customer around 15~30 minutes, often more. KFC serve me only 5 minutes, line queue excluded. So in gross, it could take 15~30 minutes for me to order in KFC, if the line is long. Bit if not, only 5 minutes. It is always gambling, is the fast food restaurant currently has long queue line or not. We, me and you, accepted to take that risk, didn't we?

Fast food has playground for kids.

This is real thing, for parents of course. If a place has a good playground, parents can take for a little break by sending the kids to playground. This is real pain for parents, isn't it?
Playground is not cheap, I am really sure it is expensive. Not only for the rides, but also the space it took. So, not every restaurant has the capital power to afford it.

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