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TOEFL Test Examples

From now on, I decide to take practice test of TOEFL everyday! It has been 4 months I learn TOEFL, and the progress not make me happy so much. Even if I tried to listen to English audio every day, even if I tried to write this blog post with English everyday, still the result doesn't satisfied me.

So here I share to to you some link you can try to do TOEFL IBT practice test:



From those link, 3 or 4 of them has been tried three rimes by me. I saw good progress on that, maybe just because I already familiar with the questions and the answers, so I could get better score.

Previously, I scheduled to take TOEFL Practice test once a week, but now I intent to do it every day! Is it possible? don't know, must try

The thing is, the very difficult for me is reading section. Really, it is exhausting, and cost me dedicatef focus time to do it.

so good luck!

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